Popular Music Drum Course


Get a headstart fulfilling your dreams of becoming a rockstar with our comprehensive Popular Music Drum Course!

From good posture and technique, to advanced rudiments and fills, Sonare's Popular Music Drum Course covers all aspects of drum playing. With a strong focus on reading drum scores as well, the Popular Music Drum Course prepares students for a plethora of drumming situations by equipping them with the necessary tools to navigate any musical challenges they may face.

More imporantly, students will explore all manner of drum skills and knowledge through a wide selection of popular songs and reinforce what they have learnt through play-alongs. For the younger and ambitious drummers, accredited ^exams are also available and can be used towards higher music education and credentials in school!

^Sonare offers accredited Drum examinations by the London College of Music (LCM).

To find out more, contact us at 6547 3233/ 6547 3456 or email to sonaremusic@hotmail.sg today!